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Weekday Classes (no weekends)


830AM – 445PM      April 5th till April 18th 2023

845AM – 545PM      May 1st till May 11th 2023

815AM – 515PM       May 16th till May 26th 2023

845AM – 5PM          June 14th till June 27th 2023

815AM – 515PM       July 11th till July 21st 2023

Evening Classes (Mon through Thurs)


6PM-915PM             May 16th till June 28th 2023 (no class mem day)

Weekend Classes


9AM – 6PM          April 15th till May 13th 2023    Saturday  and Sundays

930AM – 415PM       July 22nd till Aug 27th 2023   Saturday  and Sundays